As a well-known peripheral equipment brand in China, Dareu has always implemented the brand concept of InChina • And • Benefit The World. In 2013, Dareu became the only designated keyboard and mouse in the WCG2013 China Division, a well-known game event in the game industry. In 2014, after WCG announced its suspension, the IET Yiwu International E-Sports Competition inherited the mantle of WCG.

Carrying up the banner of a comprehensive e-sports competition, Dareu has become the designated partner of IET peripherals, sponsored the DOTA team VG, and became the only peripheral partner of ECL. Dareu fully supports the development of China's e-sports industry through its own efforts and brand influence.

Dareu is a Chinese peripheral brand with a strong technical reserve, a highly skilled R&D team and an automated production workshop, quality assurance, excellent after-sales service, and unanimous recognition from the market. Dareu is devoting itself to the game industry, launching a variety of highly innovative products, leading the trend of the keyboard and mouse market, and becoming an outstanding representative of domestic brands.

OUR Story

  • Signed a contract with DMO; Developed and launched Lightweigh Mouse 65g; Cooperated with National Treasures For
  • Signed a contract with DMO and Cooperated with X-Men: Dark Phoenix ,LuoXiaoHei and so on
  • Signed a contract with FTD(DOTA 2 / PUBG/ Glory of Kings) and VG (LOL) Gaming Headset’s market share was the TOP 3
  • Signed a contract with IM , VG ; Became the designated peripheral brand of LPL Events Joined the CHINA JOY again
  • CODE D brand strategy Implemented . Used New VI system and signed a contract with V-GIRLS Joint launched with Naruto
  • Became the only designated peripheral brand of ESWC Events and first showed in CHINAJOY
  • Became the only designated peripheral brand of IET , ECL Events; At the same year , built Dareu sunshine primary school
  • Dareu wrangler’s sales volume was the TOP 1 in China Market and became the only designated peripheral brand of WCG
  • Dareu entered E-Sports market and launched Commander, wrangler, Patriot , machinist and so on.
  • Joint launched with Crazyracing Kartrider/Developed and launched Super waterproof keyboard and so on
  • Dareu Wireless product came into market! Mouse&Keyboard’ s market share occupied 30 % in internet bar!
  • Paseed FCC/CE& ROHS …
  • Smart Product Line came into service
  • Passed ISO9001 system
  • Dareu Brand founded